What do you think is one of the biggest concern students have regarding medical coding exams?  The answer is Time. Many students have difficulty finishing the exam in the allotted time.  

We understand that speed and accuracy are vital to being an effective certified medical coder. To that end, we created medical coding manual annotation techniques called CHUN and TAP.  CHUN is an acronym for Circle, Highlight, Underline, and Notate.  TAP is the Acronym for Tab, Annotate and Placement.  

CHUN™ and TAP™ are official AMCI medical coding manual annotation techniques. CHUN™ is among the first medical coding annotation techniques. Established in 2015, TAP is the first published annotation technique for ICD-10-CM.

In addition to saving time on medical coding exams, proper annotation of a medical coding manual facilitates:

  • Accurate code selection 

  • Attention to coding detail 

  • Reduces coding errors 

 CHUN and TAP™ are trademarks of Absolute Medical Coding Institute (AMCI).  AMCI is a leading medical coding training and exam preparation institute responsible for over 4000 students becoming certified medical coders.  

Overall, CHUN™ and TAP™ is a highly effective and useful tool for all medical coding professionals.

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